Augusta community outraged over fight at Josey High School graduation

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Parents and others in the community are talking about a fight that happened during a Richmond County  graduation ceremony. The altercation was captured on cell phone video at T.W. Josey Comprehensive High School’s graduation.  It was then posted to Facebook and shared across the social media site.

I spoke with the parent who recorded the fight and posted it online.  She didn’t want to talk on camera, but said she didn’t intend on capturing the dispute. She explained she was only trying to capture the final moments of her daughter’s special day.

All this mother wanted was to enjoy a memorable moment, the last few steps her daughter would take at her high school graduation. What she didn’t know was something was about to happen. Let’s rewind this video and pay attention to the bottom of your screen.

While faculty walked on stage, so does this woman with the blonde hair. She then turns around and hits another woman with what appears to be her graduation program. That woman hits back and a windmill style paper fight commences, even pulling off hair. As the crowd attempts to break up the fight, graduates simply stare.

We showed the video to parents and others in the community to find out what’s going on with parents these days.

Augusta resident Shannon Simpkins watched the video the next day.

She reacted by saying, “They [are] supposed to be role models you know, so it’s kind of crazy how they started that on a graduation day and everybody looking at them like oh wow.”

We caught up with former PTA president and Josey parent Monique Braswell whose daughter will graduate next school year. She disagreed with the brawl too.

Braswell said, “If those were two children they would have been kicked out, suspended or anything. That is disorderly conduct and it’s a disgrace to whatever child they came to represent.”

“The first lick person should get charged or whatever the case might be,” Simpkins added.

While the green and gold caps and gowns clearly indicate the graduation was from Josey, Braswell said the school isn’t to blame. A Richmond County School System spokesperson told me there was an altercation between two individuals in the audience and there were no arrests.

Braswell responded, “I thought that it was horrible. It was despicable and that the adults that created that disturbance should be penalized.”

It’s apparent some people tried stopping the fight. But some say adults have to do better.

“I hope we can do better out here in Augusta and Basically, s how these kids that we can be better people out here and build each other up instead of tear each other down,” Simpkins said.

Wednesday’s graduations have appeared to go on without incident.  Again, I want to stress that the fight was not intentionally recorded or posted, but it just happened during the time a parent was filming.