AUGUSTA, Ga., (WJBF) – Drivers in this area know it’s time to stop messing around at the Olive Road overpass.  

“You got to always make sure you look towards that bridge right there man if you are in a U-Haul truck or anything like that go the other way,” said Quincy Gillam.  

 The city has been warning drivers for more than three years flashing signs, speed humps but the hits keep on coming. 

 Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle wants city leaders to discuss next week putting a PVC pipe across the road with chains, to alert drivers to the bridge’s height.  

It will warn that truck because the truck driver didn’t know what he just hit I’d rather him hit that chain and PVC than hit that bridge,” said Commissioner Guilfoyle  

Traffic engineers have opposed any plans to put in low hanging devices because of possible city liability if a vehicle is damaged.   

 “We got the warning signs already out there that engineers already put up what’s the difference between the two nothing,” said Guilfoyle.  

 But nothing is what some commissioners believe should be on Oliver Road near the bridge. 

 “Common sense at some point needs to come into play and this is a problem that we have unless we just shut down the street altogether,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason. 

“Would you support that?”  

“I would, said Mason. 

 “Closing Olive Road?” 

 “Yes, at that juncture,” said Mason.  

 “Olive Road is very important I’d tell the city commissioners stuff like that we need to keep it open,” said Gilliam.  

 CSX owns the bridge and has petitioned the city to close the road something traffic engineers did not support.  

 But the bridge strikes continue and now so do to the efforts to stop them. 

in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.