AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It was a part of the commission retreat Friday: a discussion on treating each other with respect.  

But will this session help? 

“As far as respect goes between certain individuals, there’s no telling. I guess Tuesdays will show whether that respect is there or not,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.  

City leaders are seeing and hearing about their disruptions during meetings.  

“Several people have e-mailed me and said, ‘What you all look like up there is embarrassing for Augusta, Georgia.’ It is embarrassing for Augusta, Georgia,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.  

The outbursts have commissioner Alvin Mason ready to push new meeting rules.  

“I do think that’s needed, and I am seriously thinking about bringing forth a civility ordinance in terms of what the commission should be doing in terms of how we should operate and how we should act,” said Commissioner Mason. 

So, would commissioners support a civility ordinance? 

“No, I wouldn’t,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams 

“How come?” 

“Well, I don’t think we need a civility order. That’s just something that is way out in the woods somewhere,” said Commissioner Williams.  

“A civility ordinance could help if, in fact, we follow it at the end of the day and if we get along very well,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

“Until we get the respect for the current policies the current procedures, why add on to it?” said the Mayor Pro-Tem.  

Even as some believe, the behavior at these meetings is not adding up.