AUGUSTA, Ga  (WJBF) – The Andy Check Ball Field at Diamond Lakes, The Tom Wiedmeier Utilities Department Building, and The Edward M McIntyre Riverwalk: all three renamings back before commissioners after a two-week delay.  

“One thing we do here in Augusta is we kick the can down the road. I think we need to address it, address the elephant in the room and go forward,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.  

The elephant is the renaming of Riverwalk, for former Mayor McIntyre.  

The visionary of the park but also convicted of extortion in federal court.   

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle has supported all three renamings but no longer based on the feedback from the Riverwalk renaming. 

“What it’s doing is dividing. I believe if all the families knew what we’ve been receiving as far as facebook, texts, e-mails, they would say the same thing ‘let’s back away from it’,” said Guilfoyle. 

Instead of a vote on the renamings, Guilfoyle says he would like to see commissioners delete all three.  

“All our hearts were in the right place about doing the namings but it’s causing such a division I think the best thing I could do is back away from it,” he said.  

 “I have gotten more positive than I got negative. I got a couple of text messages and emails not an overwhelming a lot,” said Commissioner Scott  

The ball is rolling to rename these city properties, even as the call comes out to stop it. 

“That might be the way to go but right now let’s vote up or down,” said Commissioner Scott.  

Though at least one commissioner wants no votes at all.