Augusta commission spends big on consultants, lobbyists


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) >   Rightly or wrongly Augusta has the reputation of a government willing to spend money hiring consultants and experts now here at the end of the year, the city making a huge investment in bringing in some outside help.  

 Augusta has big plans to overhaul energy systems in 89 city buildings and commissioners are willing to spend big money on consultants to do it right.  

“Something of that large a size, we need to have a professional handling that quantity,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.   

 The commission voting to spend 260 thousand dollars on an out of state consultants, to negotiate and implement the 24-million-dollar energy upgrade   that is expected to save tens of millions of dollars overtime.  

“Something we definitely think needs to be done to upgrade our facilities for the long haul and have a consultant to oversee that to keep us in good standing with that process is the right thing to do,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

 Commissioners also spending to get some outside help during the upcoming Georgia legislative session. 

 Approving 102 thousand dollars to hire a lobbying firm to work on the city’s behalf. 

 “I think we have some things we miss out on due to the fact we don’t have that representative in Atlanta looking out for what we’re looking for,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams. 

 Commissioners have found their lobbyist for the Georgia legislature, but some say the city needs to look at Washington as well.   

“Augusta Richmond County we’re on the map and we should be able to receive from the national level as well as the state level,” said Commissioner Mason. 

 Right now, however Augusta is spending 102 thousand dollars for lobbyists in Atlanta only, the Mayor Pro-Tem says if we’re going to get a lobbyist for D.C. that is something he would want to review, in Augusta George Eskola. WJBF NewsChannel 6. in Augusta George Eskola WJBF Newschannel 6.  

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