Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Georgia Soul has fans on the Augusta commission, but some are not fans of their financial request.  

“I’ve had several calls from people wanting to ask, you know how we can give them 250 thousand it’s a big ask,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.  

 The commission finance committee heard the Georgia Soul ask, last month and approved having the Administrator bring back recommendations on where to find 250 thousand dollars. 

“What folks can do on the weekends and throughout the weekday adds to the quality of like in Augusta and Richmond County we’ve done it before and certainly I believe we can do it again,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

 But commissioners are not ready to give the private basketball organization a quarter of a million dollars 

“I’m not saying that they’re a bad organization of anything like that cause far from it but the fact of the matter is is to take taxpayer money at a quarter of a million dollars and give it to a private organization or agency is not something I’m prepared to do,” Commissioner Alvin Mason. 

 “A for profit company coming before the city and asking for money is unheard of and it’s unheard of for a city to give a for profit company money,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

 Commissioners calling a time out on approving the funding. voting to send the issue back to the administrator to determine the feasibility of the request  

“ I want to make sure whatever dollar amount the commission agrees to we understand what we are putting the dollars toward,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

 But right now, commissioners are not in favor of putting any dollars towards the team