Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Signs of the times. Those coming to the south Augusta customer services center being warned their city business may take longer or be postponed.  

 But Paulette Griffin managed to get license plate tags.  

“The lady that worked with me said they have like some kind of a mobile hot spot that they’re using because the internet is completely down,” Griffin said.  

 At the Utilities Department customer service center the cyber-attack means  no looking up past bills. 

But the Utilities Department is giving customers late paying customers a break.  

 “Cutoffs are being waived right now so we’re not doing cutoffs pending reconciliation of what’s being paid and late fees are being waived right now,” said Utilities Department Director Wes Byne. 

 On Tuesday following a 90-minute legal session with city leaders Mayor Garnett Johnson confirmed a cyber-attack on Augusta’s computer system,  

 But the Mayor gave no explain of whether the hackers are asking the city to pay a ransom. 

Since then the city has made no official comments on the situation or the impact on the government services with commissioners saying they are also in the dark. 

“Here we are a little more than 48 hours later nothing has been discussed or haven’t heard anything,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight  

But McKnight says the city silence appears to be coming to an end this week. 

“I’ve been told by Mayor Johnson we’ll have an update tomorrow that there will be an update tomorrow, the Commissioner said,  

 We know the city computer systems are down, but the question remains for how long.