AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Larry Gaines came to the tax commissioner’s office to give the city some money, but he didn’t get a receipt. He got a note and an explanation. 

”That the computers were down for the day, and they gave me this piece of paper or whatever letting me know to call back if the computers are back up so I can come back and pay it,” Gaines said.  

A case of the computer Mondays for Augusta’s government.  

The I.T. department let directors know late Sunday night that their computers might not be working first thing Monday morning. 

“It does cause a delay for us because everything is set up on the network right now, and we’re not able to do any processing,” said Richmond County Tax Commissioner Chris Johnson.  

City technicians were at the Tax Commissioners office attempting to find a way around the glitch.

“We’re looking to see if we can potentially use laptops to at least give us some service,” Johnson said.  

At the Board of Elections office, not only were the computers down, but also the phone system, so anyone calling into the office got left on hold.  

“Because we have an auto attendant on our phone system, it just does not connect to us if a person calls in. It will put them into a queue, and unfortunately, that queue never goes anywhere,” said Elections Director Travis Doss.  

This is the second time in less than a week that having the city system go down got in the way of the city providing services, and for some, that was frustrating.  

“Oh yeah, most definitely because like I say just coming down here and being turned around. Yes,” said Gaines. 

The cause of the system going down is under investigation, but city officials say it’s not connected to last week’s outage.