Augusta City Buses To Sport New Look


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – When it comes to his bus, Leonard Belton is more concerned with getting inside and going than what’s painted on the outside. “I don’t think the color of the bus, or anything, has anything to do with it,” said Belton, a long-time bus rider.

Except for the buses wrapped in adds, white buses with blue stripes have been what riders have been seeing for years. “I think we’ve come to the conclusion that maybe that look is getting a little tired,” says Augusta Public Transit director Patrick Stephens.

So, the idea is to wake up public transit with a bold new green, white, and burgundy paint scheme. It’s a new brand for public transit with the idea it will create excitement for riders.

“I can guarantee you, there are some of the people who have seen that picture and say, ‘I want to ride on that bus’. That’s the intended affect we want to have out of this,” said Stephens.

The new design would stand out, and would push out the advertising on the outside of the buses. Stephens says, instead, advertising would move to the inside of the bus so not to compete with the new design. “This is branding, it’s the recognition,” he said.

City leaders are high on the new buses, new look, but what about riders?

We went to the terminal and showed riders a picture of the re-branded buses.

“This is what your bus is going to look like,” we told Jennifer Paschell. “Yes,” she responded. “Green, burgundy, you like that?” we asked. “Yes, I like that in there,” she answered.

“That looks great, I think that will show the Augusta colors, I think that will be great,” said Belton.

The fancy paint job doesn’t increase the costs of the buses and the first of three re-branded buses should be on the street by late summer. As the city replaces the fleet, in coming months, those buses will also be sporting the new look.

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