AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A biofuels plant in South Augusta sounds like it could be a community asset: turning trash into natural gas. 

“It probably is. It probably can be a good project, but there again let us find out more about it,” said Commissioner Tony Lewis.  

Two weeks ago, commissioners were prepared to give approval to the plant, but after strong opposition from the nearby historic Spirit Creek Baptist Church, commissioners are voting to table the issue and are directing the company to hold a town hall meeting. 

“I think the town hall is a good thing so that they can get the information out, bring it back, and we can make a decision on the information that we get,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.  

“The more information we have, the better informed we are. So, we want to give these folks a chance to hear from the company what it does and how it operates,” said Commissioner Lewis.  

Having a potential biofuel plant so close to one of the city’s most historic churches has prompted the call for the city to adopt an environmental justice ordinance, 

Commissioners are voting to hold a work session to look into creating one.  

“Making sure we have a workshop where everyone who would be perceived as players in this conversation and having different departments who are important need to be at the table to talk about it,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

While commissioners voted to hold the work session, that doesn’t mean they all support creating the ordinance. 

“Environmental ordinance… I think we got the EPA state. I mean, we don’t need any more red tape,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

But city leaders do want a lot more conversation before moving forward on a biofuel plant.