Augusta Aviation is now the home of a very rare sight – the first all-female crew flying charters across state lines. Thrill, happiness and the adrenaline rush is what these two women feel when they hear those airplane engines roar.

“It was pretty exciting we haven’t had another female here since I started around 5 years ago so it was nice just to fly with another female pilot for the first time in charter,” said Heather Lund, Assistant Director of Operations and Charter Captain.

Captain Lund has been with Augusta Aviation for many years and Linsey Smith, First Officer and Flight Instructor, just recently joined the crew. But both of these women share a passion for their sky high careers.

“I grew up in aviation. I’m from a long line of aviation pilots. My grandfather was a captain for Piedmont Airlines. My father is a captain for US Airways and my brother is soon-to-be a commercial pilot. So I grew up in it and it was something I became passionate about a very young age,” Smith said.

Both women hope to inspire young ladies of future generation to join the world of aviation. While, Lund likes her planes a little bigger and a little faster – Smith say this is all a dream come true and being Lund’s co-pilot makes it even better.

“I think at that point it was finally starting to click the importance of what yesterday was in my life and in my career, but also for right here at Augusta Aviation,” said Smith.

So next time you see a plane up in the sky, it could be Augusta’s new ALL female crew.

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