AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The equality clinic of Augusta gave free health resources with a special health fair, while also bringing awareness to the pride community. 

 “I hope they realize that there is a community here for them and that we’re here to support them and they were trying to raise the next generation of doctors they will be here for them,“ said Maura Connorton, medical student.

Medical students at Augusta University students are helping to provide more health resources to the LGBTQ plus community with a health fair apart of the national ‘come out for health week’

“So we actually have a bunch of resources here and table set up for the purpose of free resources lack of insurance is a problem even in this area it’s not specifically just LGBTQ plus” Lindsey Grater, Marketing and Outreach coordinator Equality clinic of Augusta

The equality clinic of Augusta and MCG Pride organization have been hosting events throughout the week to bring awareness to health resources needed for the pride community.

 “We did some other events we had a patient provider panel earlier this week we had some wellness activities we did yoga we had some HIV STI testing,” said Tracy Cassanova, President of Equality Clinic of Augusta.

 Both organizations hope to continue this health fair in the future.

“We’re actually starting up this organization so it’s going to be like an annual legacy events for come out for health associated with a Augusta University The great thing about this said it involves under graduates and other pride alliances associated with Augusta,” said Grater.