AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF)- Folks are already celebrating Veterans Day by hosting honorary services.

“I look at people every day and say that people inspire me, especially veterans,” President of Gold Star Family Organization at AU Caitlyn Burner said. 

Veteran’s day can mean something a little bit different for everyone. Some honoring the soldiers who’ve made it back home, and even those like Caitlyn Burner’s father, who lost their lives for our freedom. 

“I would do anything in my power to give that back to other people who are like me,” Burner said.

Burner is the president of the Gold Star Family Organization at AU, making sure students and their families have the resources they need. 

“For all of us to just educate the community on what A Gold Star Family is and to help fundraise for foundations that have helped us.” 

During the cake cutting ceremony the ceremony also honored the veterans in the Marine Corps for their service.

“Learning their stories, everything, it’s great to hear. It’s great to see that people still value their service after completing it,” Senior ROCC member at AU Regionald Jones said.

And with family members deeply rooted in the U.S. Army, Jones tells me he’s ready to suit up and follow in their footsteps.

This is really what inspires me to at least put in my 20 years, because I still know that there’s people out there who still will support me after…”

Touch Veteran’s Day comes around once a year, folks are grateful every day.

“I want to thank all my fellow veterans from all different eras, all different branches, and for God and country,” U.S. Army Veteran Rebecca Lewis said.

“Thank you for your attendance to this wonderful program, God bless each of you and God bless the United States of America,” Ret. Combat Veteran COL. Carlene A.S. Blanding said.