AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “We are the primary care providers for your hospitalization and our goal is to help navigate you through your care during that busy and difficult time and so that’s what we’re here to help out with.”

A hospitalist’s duties can range from a Physician’s Assistant, diagnosing illnesses and creating treatment plans, to Nurse Practitioners who are able to treat a patient without a doctor’s direct supervision.

During the pandemic, AU Health cared for more than 3,500 covid patients.

“So the work that we do is, we care for patients with covid after they’re admitted from the emergency room, up until they’re discharged or if they are unfortunately have to go into the ICU setting and we’ll pass them off to our ICU colleagues.”

At a time where employees and work was hard to come by, AU Health hired seven hospitalists. 

Since then, 30 physicians and 11 Advanced Practice Providers have been hired. 

“Because we’re such a young field, sometimes we have to prove and sort of show your value and, and, quickly we could show our value. Um and so, to be able to grow and sustain and retain– our talent has just been just amazing and that’s something you can’t really quantify.” 

But, Dr. Walsh says it truly does take a village.

“It’s not just us, it’s our nursing colleagues, it’s our respiratory therapy colleagues, it’s everybody down during environmental service. Colleagues who work together to take care of a patient with covid and we need all of those people.”

Hospitalists say, now, they’re seeing a lesser amount of covid cases but they will continue to enforce safety protocols and provide treatment for those who do test positive.