AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Early into the new year, many are already working on new fitness goals. Fitness professionals share simple workouts you can do just about anywhere. And for those not wanting to go to a gym right now, we’ve got some easy at home- or at office- workouts you can get into! 

“If you feel like you can’t make it into a gym right now, that’s okay,” says Esperansa Menjares, personal training director at Anytime Fitness in Aiken.

For Menjares, there is one key to workouts outside of the gym: creativity. 

“Instead of having a bench, you could have a box or a chair,” says Menjares.

For a full-body at home workout, Menjares suggests a series of planks, squats, push ups and ab work.

“This is the modified plank. It’s gonna feel a little easier,” says Menjares. “So, you just want to always keep your back nice and straight. And you can have your feet together – you don’t want to have them too, too wide because it’s going to go ahead and throw you off a little bit.”

The planks can be done with straight arms and without a box for more advanced workouts.

“Keep going up and down [from elbows to hands] and that definitely gives you a little bit more of an advanced plank,” says Menjares. 

And for the abs, people can do any version of in and out abs, as well as leg flutters.

“[Keep] your toes nice and pointed, like your tip-toeing, and you just want to flutter,” says Menhares. “You don’t want to do huge flutters.”

And squats- which can be done with a box for support or weights for a challenge.

Menjares suggests a decent warmup and cooldown to accompany every workout, and to keep track of your heart rate.

“I always like telling my clients to go ahead and, possibly, try and get some kind of heart monitor where you can be able to track your heart rate,” says Menjares.

She encourages people to start these modifiable exercises at the level that fits them best and to adjust intensity as needed.

“It always feels ten times better,” says Menjares. “You sleep a lot better once you get your workout in- I’ve noticed it… I definitely don’t want anyone to get discouraged. I want you to go ahead and make short-term goals. You know, have your long-term goal, but go ahead and make short-term goals. Make weekly goals.”

Be sure to consult with a physician before beginning any new workout regimen, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.