“Come down here right now to Augusta’s Arts in the Heart ‘cause it’s awesome,” Mickey Lubeck said.

Each year the CSRA meets to celebrate different forms of art and culture. Arts in the Heart offers international foods,  a variety of visual arts such as sculptures and paintings, and performing arts too. 

“To support the community, especially artists. I think it’s great that artists get a platform that is specifically about them. I know Brenda Durant personally, and I think it’s just amazing the way that she– every year– pours everything into making this such an exciting event for Augusta,” Susan Dilworth said.

Some people told NewsChannel 6 their favorite part of the three-day event is the array of international foods at the Augusta Common.  

Another main attraction was the Musical Theatre Workshop performance on the global stage. 

“Everyone is so creative here, and so that’s why I just keep wanting to bring my kids back,” Lubeck said.

Owner and Director at Musical Theatre Workshop Mickey Lubeck says that she has been teaching performing arts in Augusta for more than 22 years and does it for one reason. 

“It introduces them to— that this builds confidence so that these children can come out here and perform in front of all these strangers and they applaud and they appreciate them and that just lifts them up so much.”

She says Arts in the Heart gives people the chance to see their inner creativity. 

“You know, we all have art in us, we just have to encourage ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and try it,” Lubeck said.

And despite the recent violence in the community, people tell us the annual arts festival gives them a chance to feel at peace. 

“To bring this together and to be in a non-violent and very diverse situation, and um, just all these blocks full of people who are here to support and spend money in their community and for the arts– I think is great and very peaceful,” Dilworth said.

Sunday is the final day of Arts in the Heart.