AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Aquinas High School was formed in 1957 with its first class graduating in 1958. Since then, its goal has been to turn students into the leaders of tomorrow.

“Aquinas is a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Savannah. Our job here is to help students develop to be their best. We focus on three things; faith, character, and scholarship,” said Principal, Maureen Lewis.

Students have plenty of options to choose from while at Aquinas.

“We have a sailing club, we have a shotgun team, we have air rifle, we have a French exchange program,” said Lewis.

“I’m involved with the shotgun team here at Aquinas and it’s one of the few schools in the CSRA that have a team and it’s a great program here and you don’t see it a lot, but it’s helped me in many ways because I think it’s one of my passions. I want to keep doing it,” said junior, Aidan Caldwell.

“You don’t have to play a sport here to be involved. There’s a whole bunch of clubs. You can be a faith leader. There’s just tons of things you can do to be involved here at Aquinas,” said senior, Tahj Vines.

It’s Homecoming Week at Aquinas and its 250 students are enjoying dressing up in different themes. Meanwhile, having fewer students than a traditional high school helps tighter bonds to be formed.

“I mean all 250 of us, I know every single one and I love every single one. I’ve just gotten to know so many people. If I went to a bigger school, I probably wouldn’t get to know that many people,” said senior, Emma Gladd.

“At Aquinas, everyone kind of intermingles and you get to meet people that you never would before at like a public school and I’ve got to meet some really cool people that I’m really close with now, that I feel like I never would have at a public school,” said senior, Daniella Curkobic.

Students at Aquinas High School are thankful for those who helped them along the way.

“We have the best staff in Georgia. Our staff is amazing,” said Vines.

“I just want to thank all of the staff for doing absolutely everything they can for us. They want you to succeed. They like to say that a lot, but it’s really true. All of my teachers I’ve formed a bond with and they help me as much as they can and they’re great,” said Gladd.

“You’ve helped me so much throughout my years and that is something I really value and I appreciate that and I will take that with me into the future,” said Curkobic.

“We want our students to be successful in college and in life. We want them to be good individuals with strong, moral character able to critically think and make good decisions and impact the world around them in a positive way,” said Lewis.