An Aiken Business Helps Kids Keep Their Math Skills Sharp This Summer


Some Aiken kids are spending their summer vacation learning.

Mary Morrison shows us how an Aiken business is helping these students keep their math skill sharp.

“Five and O, that can be seven or three”

The parents of these girls  are not willing to GAMBLE on their future.

Instead, they’re investing in a program designed to help their children excel in math.

Mathnasium on Whiskey road in Aiken helps kids in grade two through 12.

Joshua Grant, “Our focus here is to really make math students, stronger math thinkers, to develop their number sense, their critical thinking, to just not teach skills and algorythym, but to really make them stronger as a whole math student”.

Shon Ledwith, “Every student gets an initial assessment followed by a program designed specifically for them.”

Colleen Stevenson, “I go every day each week and then I do five or six work sheets a day”.

Colleen Stevenson struggled a bit in math last year. Her confidence took  a hit  but in a few short weeks this summer  her mom is already seeing an improvement.

“Her attitude is very positive now and she looks forward to coming here and it’s like mom when are we going to mathnasium.”

“Be careful of the denominator here, that’s good work”

Esther Marks has been in the program about a year.

She wants to be a scientist and inventor when she grows up.

“She does the mathnasium, she does the camp invention, she does any science, math camp that’s out there so its just one extra step to make her dreams come true”.

There are also incentives for the kids who work hard. They earn punch cards.

Easter Marks,”That’s one of my favorites.  You can win five punch cards and sometime you can win a little money.”

While this program isn’t free,  career educator Keith Darr does have some free advice for all parents.

Keith Darr, “I think as school approaches to get the students back into a routine, regular bedtimes.”

Darr says to diversify your child’s


“Have some things that have to do with learning and other things that are just fun.”

“Two…you won.”

And your child may also have a reason to celebrate this next school year.

In Aiken County, Mary Morrison WJBF NewsChannel six

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