AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Whether it’s dry ground or lightning strikes, local burn center doctors have advice on how to stay proactive in the case of a fire emergency.

Wildfire season peaks in the month of August. Health experts at Doctors Hospital want to make sure you know what can help you in case of a fire emergency. 

“Our summer months tend to be a little more drier, which puts us at risk for wildfires. That being said, it’s important to know your drought conditions in your area.” 

NewsChannel 6’s meteorologists say while some areas in the CSRA are experiencing more rain than dry ground, this doesn’t fully eliminate the chance of a fire. 

Members of Haygood Avenue Baptist Church in Barnwell, know this well. They’re church is victim to a recent lightning fire.

Dr. Fagan believes knowing how to handle situations involving fire can prevent a visit to the hospital.

“Anytime that we have a fire, being it burning rubbish or camp fire – making sure that the area’s clear and safe. Making sure that you have appropriate extinguishing devices around should the fire get larger. And probably one of the biggest things is making sure the fire is completely out on the completion of your activities.”  

But if you or your family might experience any sort of fire incident, Dr. Fagan tells me he and his team are more than ready to help. 

“We’re very proud of our burn center. It’s a giant team. I’m just one member of a giant team to take care of these folks. But, you know certainly, we’re very prideful of our center, we’re very happy of the care that we provide. And like I said, we’re here for you and always available to the community should an accident occur.” 

If you might experience a fire of any kind that is getting out of hand, doctors say that the best thing is to call the fire department immediately.