AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The American Red Cross of Augusta is also on standby, ready to help those in need. And some local volunteers are already deployed across Georgia and parts of Florida, lending a helping hand.

Red Cross began preparing for its response for days before the storm made landfall. Red Cross of East Central Georgia began setting up a storm response headquarters in Macon earlier this week.

There, they prepared by setting up shelters for evacuees and mobilizing disaster action teams.

The Red Cross also works to coordinate sending relief supplies to storm affected areas, as many storm victims are left without power, food or fresh water.

“It is incredibly sobering, as anyone who has seen the pictures or watched anything. From the Red Cross perspective, there are more than 250 shelters that are now open in Florida. And we had over 33 thousand clients that stayed overnight. And we anticipate that number going up to about 50 thousand as the need obviously continues to grow and arise,” said Susan Landreth-Everitt, Executive Director of the Red Cross of East Central Georgia.

Though they can’t get to the affected areas volunteers are still working hard to help those affected by the storm.

Red Cross employees and volunteers are on standby and ready to go to the hardest hit areas of the storm, but have to wait until they are given the greenlight that it is safe.

There are currently more than 250 shelters set up in Florida and workers are expecting around 50 thousand storm victims housed in them.

Landreth-Everitt said they expect their aid efforts to go on in Florida for some time.

“There’s lots of things that are going to be happening in the next couple of weeks. We feel like, because it is such a huge storm system, that we will probably be in Florida with the Red Cross with the Hurricane Ian response through December. So, we’re not talking weeks. We’re talking months, just because of the scope and scale of this hurricane,” she explained.

Landreth-Everitt said there are ways you can help the storm victims, by giving blood or donating money. She asks that no one donate supplies at this time because they have what they need.

To volunteer with the American Red Cross or make a donation, CLICK HERE.