AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – Some Commissioners were saying yesterday that this planned public negotiations with Gold Cross was a bad idea.

Well, today this bad idea didn’t take place.  

Commissioners and staff made it to the meetings, but when it comes but to contract talks, it takes two to tango. 

“The commission was here. Gold Cross pulled back. I think the commission does it’s job. That was the intent of us coming out this morning. Gold Cross is the one who pulled out. They were the ones who did not show up,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.    

Last week, commissioners, acting on a motion from Commissioner John Clarke, voted to hold contract talks with Gold Cross and named four commissioners to take part. But this caused the meeting to be open, and Gold Cross did not want to negotiate in public. 

“I can understand when you are negotiating you don’t want a whole lot of people in the room because like I say, too many people stirring the pot is not a good idea,” says Commissioner John Clarke. 

Clarke tried to cancel the meeting after hearing Gold Cross was not attending but could not get six votes to call it off, so city leaders showed up and then adjourned about a half hour later. 

“I don’t think it helps. I don’t think it hurts. I just think we’re still in the same place we were last week or should I say Tuesday when we voted to do this,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.  

Some said it was a bad idea from the start.  

“Commissioners should never be at the table when a contract is being negotiated. That’s really kind of out of our purview,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett. 

Now, the Gold Cross issue is not going away.

The next step will have the city’s EMS negotiating team sit down with Gold Cross and its lawyers to see if a deal can be hammered out in Augusta.