Amazon’s “Echo Look” will tell you what to wear

amazon echo look_253912

(WSPA) – Amazon is not content with just a personal assistant. The company has made Alexa into a personal stylist, too.

On Wednesday, Amazon introduced the Echo Look.

It’s part camera, part Alexa, part fashionista. It does everything the Amazon Echo speaker does, like read the news and weather, but it can now tell you what to wear.

The oval-shaped device has LED lights and a voice-controlled camera that lets you take full-body photos and videos to collect and compare outfits.

A compatible app’s “style check” lets you select two photos and have Alexa determine which one is better. It is powered by both machine-learning technology and human opinion.

The echo look will cost 200-dollars once available. For now, you have to request an invitation to buy it.

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