Alleged hate group spreads anti-Jewish fliers around Auburn University campus

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — An apparent hate group is making its presence known on the Auburn University campus. Students report seeing fliers from the “Auburn White Student Union” put up all around campus.

One flier reads, “Will you disobey the anti-Christian, top secret, Noahide Laws?” This wording refers to the Seven Laws of Noah as part of the Hebrew faith.

Another poster apparently shows propaganda images claiming to be from a “confidential, not for gentiles” handbook. This poster claims the Jewish faith seeks to oppress any “non-Jews”.

Student leaders were quick to distance themselves saying they have no affiliation with the group. The AU chapter of the Southern Poverty Law Center posted on its Facebook page Monday warning students the “Auburn White Student Union” is not a legitimate campus group and to report any more fliers to the university police.

The SPLC says the first fliers were discovered Friday. The group’s president says another member told her the news while she was out of town.

“He said he took them down and reported them to student affairs and that was how it first came to my attention,” says President of Auburn University SPLC Beth Cooper. “I immediately forwarded the information to our SPLC campus coordinator in Montgomery at Southern Poverty Law Center and waited until I heard back from him before I made any public statement about it.”

WJBF’s sister station, WRBL News 3, asks Cooper why she thinks someone would be bold enough to post such a flier.

“With the current political climate that’s bringing to the surface a lot of underlying issues that have been there. Nothing that we’re dealing with is necessarily new but that have…people are now more confident publicly discussing,” Cooper says.

News 3 took a look at the Auburn White Student Union web site. Part of it reads, “We expect to be able to find common ground with secular Arabs who oppose Zionism and Islamism, black people who are horrified by ghetto culture, and Asian Americans who have been victimized by diversity shakedowns.”

News 3 also took time to talk with students to hear what they think of the fliers. The students we talked to say they were shocked about the hate messages that were posted.

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