COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA ( WJBF) — Alison Couch is ready to get to work in District 4.

” I want to try to look into connecting existing roads, providing additional lanes and just really get creative with the traffic,” Couch said.

On the top of her list is addressing traffic and public safety issues in district which covers Appling, Harlem and Grovetown.

” I really want to home in on Grovetown right away and try to get some relief there.”

Couch said she plans to work on alleviating some of the congestion in Grovetown which has seen significant growth in the last few years.

” I think that there are some creative ways to go about relieving some of the congestion in Grovetown. With safety the biggest issue there is the congestion and the potential for accidents,” Couch said.

She’s also turned her attention to Exit 183 in Harlem.

” When you go to turn left on the exit or even right you have a hard time seeing oncoming traffic, so I hope to resolve that.”

And while the district continues to see growth, Couch said she wants to handle that growth in the best way for the district.

” It’s not that this area is against growth, we just want it done right so that we don’t deplete our resources and congest our roads and schools.”