Aiken veteran starts booming t-shirt company, hopes to hire disabled vets


AIKEN, S.C. – An Aiken veteran is trying to bring back the pride in service one t-shirt at a time. Beware of Grunt or BOG Veteran Wear is now catching national attention.

Addison Brown is the owner and creator of the company BOG Veteran Wear, which makes specially designed t-shirts for veterans and their families. But his journey from the front lines to being an entrepreneur of a nationally sold product was not an easy one.

Brown is a retired Army Staff Sargent who was awarded the purple heart exactly nine years ago.  But he’s been busy since then. After struggling to find a job out of the military, he created the Beware of Grunt Veteran Wear, a four month old clothing company that is gaining traction at a national scale. “When I got out, it was hard to find a job getting out, being a disabled vet. So then I started looking at well, if I can’t get a job, I’ll create a job,” says Brown.

BOG Veteran Wear aims to make t-shirts that instill pride in service members. Brown says he started the company from his parent’s house with 200 dollars. He explains, “That was all I was willing to risk because I didn’t want to go diving in head first but now we have 46 thousand dollars’ worth of inventory and we’re still growing. We’re also now no longer out of my living room, we’re in a 39,000 square foot building and we’re in 23 states in four months.”

Brown is now planning for a bright future as an owner of a clothing company. “Our plan is to put three screen printing machines along with two dryers in here. Which if we do that, that will allow us to have about 33 employees. So that’s 33 potential jobs that we can have for veterans.”

He knows first-hand how difficult it can be to get a job after a military career. “Don’t get side tracked at the fact that they’re a Iraq vet, a Vietnam vet, a Korean vet and they’ve had some issues with PTSD, alcoholism. You give them that shot that they need, it can change the world.”

All of the BOG Veteran Wear products are made in America and all of the t-shirts are 20 dollars. You can find BOG Veteran Wear’s website here.

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