AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – The SPCA Albrecht Center in Aiken is in need of some serious help – and time is of the essence.

The shelter severely overcrowded right now – and with it about to go through renovations, they desperately are looking for people to adopt or foster some animals.

“There’s so many dogs that are so good, that are available for adoption,” said Bobby Ard, who was adopting a dog on Wednesday. “There’s sweet dogs, usually very well-mannered. It’s just important.”

50 dogs can comfortably fit in the shelter – they have 64 right now.

Dog cages line the hallways, and the rooms are full. 

And with new flooring being put in next week in the dog adoption area, the need for forever homes is greater now more than ever. 

“They’re cracked, and the flooring is coming up, so it’s not healthy for the dogs, it’s hard to clean for the staff,” said Sybil Altman, the Executive Director of the SPCA Albrecht Center. “If you adopt a pet, you’re actually saving lives. So here now, if you adopt a pet today, then you’re going to open up a space for another dog to come in, so you’re actually saving more than one life.”

If you can’t adopt right now, but are interested in fostering, the shelter makes it very easy.

“If you’re gonna take a dog, you get a crate, food, blankets, toys, leashes, anything you might need you get. Same thing with a cat,” Altman said.

They have plenty of cats and kittens, too.

“With the warmer weather, we get a lot of cats in and kittens,” Altman said. “It’s starting to be kitten season, we’re seeing a lot of small kittens come in. We actually got eight in yesterday, so for sure.”

Renovations are set to start on April 11th. Adoption fees for adult cats are waived, kittens are $62.50, many fees for adult dogs are waived, but exceptions apply. Puppy prices vary.

For more information on how to adopt and foster at the SPCA, click here.