AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)- One man dead in Aiken after shots were fired between Christopher Whittle and Aiken County Sheriff deputies.

Folks living on Hamelin Road describe it as a quiet neighborhood. 

“Quiet, peaceful, wonderful place to live. But this past summer has been a little hectic with the situation with the neighbor,” Neighbor Robert Lane said.

So, Sunday morning, Robert Lane tells me, was the complete opposite. 

“It was just unsettling and didn’t know. The constant fire of ammunition every hour was very nerve racking– never experienced that before.”

Lane says his neighbor was usually to himself, but over the summer behaviors became a pattern. 

“Shooting off with the gun, everyday every hour and it just got real aggressive and it got real bad this morning.”

Which lead to the Aiken County Sheriffs office outside of 49- year-old Christopher H. Whittle’s home.

“Aiken County Sheriff’s Department, when they say protect and serve, our safety was number one to them and very impressed with how Aiken County handled the situation.”

The Aiken County Coroner’s office released a statement saying “The victim was barricaded inside a home and shooting at deputies when he was shot by a deputy. Leaving Whittle dead. 

No one else has been reported injured and SLED will continue investigating the incident. No further information has been provided at this time.