Aiken Parents Charged After Toddler Found With Fracture, Bite Mark, Facial Burns

Aiken Parents Charged After Toddler Found With Fracture, Bite Mark, Facial Burns (Image 1)_26591

Two Aiken parents have been arrested and accused of Child Neglect after their 1-year-old daughter was brought to a local hospital with injuries.

Michael Sean Rannie has been charged with 2 counts of Unlawful Neglect Of Child and Nadine Lefleur is facing 1 count of Unlawful Neglect Of Child after their daughter was found to have facial burns, a human bite mark, and an arm fracture when she was brought to Aiken Regional Medical Centers on Tuesday, February 10th. The couple’s addresses were listed as being on the 700 block of Silver Bluff Road in Aiken.

Hospital officials reported the toddler’s injuries to the Aiken Department of Public Safety, according an incident report.

The toddler suffered a spiral fracture to the arm, which can sometimes be the result of forceful twisting or jerking, according to the incident report. Other injuries reported were a “a human bite mark to the thigh” and “burns to the left facial area”. The present condition of the child was not released.

According to the incident report, officials believe the arm fracture happened on February 10th. The facial burns and bite mark were believed to have happened between October of 2014 and February 10th of 2015, when the child was brought to the hospital.

Officials indicate that they believed that Lefleur not reporting the injuries and leaving the child with her biological father, Rannie, left the child “at an unreasonable risk of harm or danger”.

Rannie and Lefleur were arrested on Thursday, April 9th.

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