AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF )- Carrie Badger and her family have  been holding on to these pictures for almost two months, hoping to return them to their owner safely

It was a regular day on August 19th as Carrie Badger and her husband were traveling on Interstate 520 toward Augusta, and stumbled across photos of a family, some photos going back more than 80 years ago.

“We were going down the road and we seen a tote fly out the back of a dark green truck and my husband was like we need to stop and see what that is so we stopped and I got as much as I could off the road and we started looking through them and I’m like we need to find this family,” said Badger.

She says they were unable to stop the car but picked up what they could. Inside they found seasonal cards and other valuable items.

“It was pictures from 1942, there was a year book from North Augusta and it was kind of heart touching; because if I lost pictures like that I would want to find them,” said Badger.

Badger posted pictures on Facebook hoping someone would recognize the family, They didn’t have any luck.

BUT they can’t be too far….  

“I recognized one of the ladies on the picture and I even just posted it on my Facebook account  so I’m getting some feedback but no much to tell me who she was,” said Nellie Bennington

“We made Facebook post we went to the address on one of the envelopes that was in there nobody lives there I’ve even called the sheriffs office and they couldn’t give me information,” said Badger.

Badger says there were still a lot of pictures left behind , they tried to gather as much of it as possible but weren’t able to get it all.

The owner of the pictures has been found!