Aiken family goes viral for following reckless driver


Aiken, S.C. (WJBF) – An Aiken woman and her family, going viral for being proactive. They followed a reckless driver until the police arrived. They broadcasted the video on Facebook live and it has gotten more than 145,000 views.

Amanda Dominick and her family saved the day and possible lives when she contacted the police. She says these days you have to drive not only for yourself but for others who are on the road because you never know what could happen. The family left dinner last week in Aiken when they noticed something strange about the vehicle in front of them.

“We just happened to notice a van kinda of driving a little erratic and I figured maybe she leaned over for her cell phone so I figured it would stop,” Amanda Dominick, posted a video of the driver on Facebook.

..but it didn’t stop.

The driver of the van, identified as Amanda Phillips, continued through Aiken, along Trolley Line.

“So my husband turned on Vaucluse Road with her and at that point, she was completely in the other lane driving for a good little while and hit a curb. So at that point, it was clear we needed to call 911,”  Amanda Dominick, posted a video of the driver on Facebook.

It took Aiken Public Safety five minutes to catch up with the van, and Dominick’s post on social media left some asking whether it took police too long. Police say they determine where to dispatch officers based on where the call comes from. In this case, the call went to the county first, then the Highway Patrol, and finally, once the van got into the city limits, it went to public safety.

“Once it’s transferred to us we can try to regather some of that information so it does seem a little redundant but we don’t have that information and that’s information that we need to be able to relay into our units that are out on the street,” Detective Jeremy Hembree, of The Aiken Department of Public Safety.

“Finally once her tire exploded she had to come to an abrupt stop literally after she had gone through town,”  Amanda Dominick, posted a video of the driver on Facebook.

It all ended on Richland Avenue and Williamsburg St. where the driver then crashed. Police came within a minute taking her into custody for driving under the influence. Amanda Dominick and her family say this is an experience they’ll never forget.

“The whole purpose of our video, really not for publicity, it was not for a wow factor, or to go viral. It was true because if something did happen and unfortunately that we would have some kind of evidence to give to the police because again she continued to drive and run,”  Amanda Dominick, posted a video of the driver on Facebook.

Full video below (video credit- Amanda Dominick and family):

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