GLOVERVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) – A non-profit in Aiken County is trying to figure out who’s responsible for an incident involving the homeless.

Freedom from the past is what Zack Moyer of Walking Tall Ministry in Gloverville is working toward. Along with his fiancé Felicia, Moyer’s organization helps the less fortunate, including the homeless.

“We are primarily a soup kitchen, but we are also doing long-term rehabilitation and spiritual counseling,” he said. “We do a message every day. We help with food for low-income families, bike to work program. Basically what we’re doing is trying to get people back integrated back into productive members of society,” he added.

On Tuesday, January 4, an incident took place that shook him, as well as the folks they serve. Surveillance video shows a vehicle driving along Augusta Hwy shooting paintballs at some people on the property. Moyer said that there were two or three people around a fire barrel used to help keep people warm, as the suspect(s) were driving by. They saw the folks standing there and pointed the paintball gun at them and began to shoot at them.

“I heard what sounded like an assault rifle I went running out and I was relieved to find out it was a paintball gun,” Moyer recalled. “Thankfully nobody was hit, nobody was hurt,” he added.

NewsChannel 6 spoke to a woman who did not want to go on camera who said that recently someone drove by and threw a knife at her while she was walking away from there.

“I’ve talked with the people since then I tried to make it not seem so personal because a lot of the folks took it very personally, especially those that were out there,” he said.

Moyer is now working to beef up security at Walking Tall Ministry while continuing to move forward with their message of hope. Meanwhile, he has this message for the people responsible.

“We forgive you, but hope that you’d stop that because somebody could be hurt, even by a paintball,” he said. “We have elderly, disabled people, somebody could literally be scared to death. So be careful what you do in your young life,” he added.

If you have any information, contact the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.