AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF)- Two newly elected council members were sworn into Aiken County Council, ready to serve their community.

“Very excited, very excited to make it official and get to work for all the constituents of Aiken County,” said Michael Kellems, Council member District 2.

Taking the oath of office for Aiken County Council, Michael Kellems and Ron Fielder were welcomed as newly inducted council members Tuesday.

Kellems and Fielder are both former first responders. Now they’ll focus on issues that impact people in Aiken County.

“We won the primary in June and we didn’t have to challenge for the general election so it’s almost like six months to finally reach this point so I’m very glad this day has come and now we can get down to doing the business of Aiken County District 1, “ said Ron Fielder, Council member District 1.

Fielder is making law enforcement a priority. 

“I just want to make sure that we support our local law-enforcement as a former law-enforcement officer myself I have a lot of passion for that department,” said Fielder.

And working to fill job vacancies in Aiken County is at the top of Kellems list.

“I want to work with our department heads through our administrators and see what we can do to fill those positions because first of all it’s gonna make everybody else’s job easier and it’s also looking out for the constituents and residence of Aiken county,” said Kellems

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