AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – UPDATE (5:43 PM 4/30/21) Support Services Supervisor David Turno with Aiken Department of Public Safety says that the person of interest in this case, Paul Osborn, has not turned himself in.

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office has gone by Osborn’s residence, and he did not come to the door there, which is in the county.

Osborn’s warrants are for Assault and Battery in the Third Degree and Breach of the Peace of an unaggravated nature.

The Breach of the Peace charge states that allegedly, Osborn “shouted vulgarities to a group that was peacefully gathered.”

According to Aiken Department of Public Safety, Osborn turned himself in to authorities Saturday morning.

A fight at a Circle K Sunday in Aiken is being investigated by the authorities. 

The fight happened at the Circle K at 2948 Whiskey Road.

“I was floored because I’m like, I can’t believe that a grown man just hit a kid like that for really no reason.”

It was punch seen across the CSRA on social media.

Mollie Colburn, who filmed the video making rounds on social media, said that a group of teens, including 18-year-old Keyshaun Sholtz, were at the store getting gas.

“They were meeting up to go hang out.”

44-year-old Paul Osborn pulled through and allegedly yelled at the kids because of the type of trucks they were driving.

Then things escalated quickly

“So he slammed on brakes, basically went in reverse and went up to ’em and said some words and then ended up punching him, which is what you can see in the video on social media.”

Colburn said at first the cops weren’t doing a whole lot, but she feels they are on top of it now, after letting investigators know they want to press charges.

Warrants for his Osborn’s arrest have already been issued.

“We have no idea who he is, so that makes it even scarier than just some random guy is going to take it to that level.”

Meanwhile for Colburn, she says that she just wants folks to keep their opinions to themselves.

“I can’t get the grown men in Aiken County to keep their opinions to themselves on social media, on the street, wherever, wherever they see the squatted trucks. There’s no reason why a grown person is causing all this. Be mature. Just, just, just stop.”

Investigators are looking at the videos circulating on social media as well as surveillance video from the Circle K.