AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Aiken County is seeking public input on a project to cut down on traffic congestion and safety issues along a four and a half mile stretch of Whiskey Road.

“I’m happy that they’re doing this because it gives us a chance to really pinpoint what our problems are,” Susan McCarty said.

Monday at Chukker Creek Elementary School, Aiken residents gave their input on the Whiskey Road Feasibility Study.

The study will help Aiken create a safety plan for the four and a half mile stretch of Whiskey Road beginning at the intersection of Powderhouse Road and ending at Eagle Road.

“This is an area we expect to develop over the next ten years. This is an effort to get out ahead of that. Identify intersections where we have congestion or accidents,” Assistant County Administrator and Planning Director Joel Duke said.

Aiken County Planning and Development put up maps where citizens marked their areas of concern with stickers. Pink for safety, orange for traffic, and so on.

“A lot of us put stickers in one place,” McCarty said.

That information will be used along with crash data and traffic counts for a plan to be presented to South Carolina Department of Transportation by the end of the year.

“We have the opportunity now to try and make those infrastructure changes to handle the future growth, as opposed to waiting for the growth and trying to catch up,” Aiken County Council Chairman Gary Bunker said.

Although the targeted stretch is only four and a half miles long, more than 24,000 cars pass through the area each day.

“Usually traffic is 60-65 miles an hour. Trying to get out on to that is really tough,” McCarty said.

There will be one more public input session, and residents can mail or email their concerns to Aiken County Planning and Development through mid June.

The project is expected to be completed next year.