AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – One Aiken County neighborhood is concerned about all the rainfall.

Janis Wadsworth lives on the corner of Pine and Sabra Roads in New Ellenton, South Carolina.

She said anytime it rains it causes a real problem for drivers in the area.

It’s also causing major concern for homeowners like her.

Janis said, “It’s flooding, coming on to my property and I have almost gotten hit here several times. I have to come out here with a shovel and rake. And I have tried to put some kind of barrier up to keep people from coming onto my property. They will gun through there and cause a wake and causing the water to splash up to my driveway.”

Janis’ son also lives in the area. He said he’s gone to the county and Department of Transportation about it, but so far nothing has been done.