Aiken County BOE approves new remote learning days for students starting November 23

Aiken County
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AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Change is coming for students in Aiken County. School leaders deciding Tuesday night to start next week with remote learning. This does not affect students enrolled in virtual school.

After much debate, the decision was unanimously approved by the present school board members.

Local pediatrician Dr. John Tiffany is on the Back-to-School Advisory Committee. He said, “The number of infections have spiked. The number of infections are large. The number of kids that are in quarantine, the number of staff that are in quarantine is amazing.”

​From October 11 to November 8, thousands of people in the Aiken County School District have quarantined due to COVID-19 exposure.

Bert Postell, Chair of the Back-to-School Advisory Committee said, “You can see how this grows over time. The last week we reported quarantine students and staff a total of 1,267.”

New remote learning days for students at all levels will be from November 23 to November 25.

School Superintendent King Laurence said remote days are not the same as virtual learning days. 

He explained, “When I say remote, I mean something similar to our hybrid model where you have the two days where the student is face to face with the teacher and then three days each week which is remote where either teachers have online, virtual lessons for students where that’s a possibility. Where that’s not a possibility, it’s assignments that can be paper and pencil assignments. It could be textbook assignments.”

After Thanksgiving break, elementary students will attend class four days a week while middle and high schoolers will return on the hybrid schedule until Christmas break which starts on December 21.

Dr. Tffany added, “COVID is going to get worse. The number of infections are going to get worse. The number of kids in quarantine is going to get worse. The number of staff that gets COVID is going to get worse.”

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