AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF)- Aiken County’s School Board had a special meeting Tuesday. They talked about penalties for students who break the rules. 

“There are three possible outcomes of a hearing for a student to return with a behavioral contract alternative placements for 45 or 90 days or expulsions parents can appeal any decision made by the hearing officer to the board within 10 days of notification” 

The board discussed several offenses, including fighting , assault and  bringing weapons to school. 

“This, that hearings is scheduled in 15 days I think that should be a law no exceptions” said Dr. John Bradley, District 8.

Board members say whatever decision they make about the code of conduct, they want to make sure all administrators are on board. 

“I want to say a little more economy back to the school principal but just like Dr. Bradley said earlier, it has to be consistent in the district,” said Board Vice-Chairman Dwight Smith.

The board also wants to make sure students aren’t being left behind in their education.

“They are getting behind in assignments, and their grades are steadily declining then they’re going and they’re still having to catch up and by the time they get back to school, they’re still playing catch-up,” said Barry Moulton, District 5.

The board didn’t take a vote on anything. The next step is to have a public hearing on the code of conduct.