Aiken County Schools offer new extended day after school programs


AIKEN, Sc. (WJBF)- Aiken County Public Schools has just announced its Extended Day Programs at all elementary schools and three middle schools for the upcoming school year.

The new collaboration is in partnership with Quest Zone and Prime time of the Family YMCA.

The afterschool programs will be a true extension of the school day infused with snack, extra help with homework, access to the computer lab and a variety of stem and outdoor activities.

Redcliffe elementary school will be using the program for the first time and school principal Julie Revelle says she’s believes this will have an impact on students overall academic performance.

“We’re just excited about being able to help students with homework and help them in a way that continues using the same language, using the same instructional materials,and support so that when parents pick them up in the evening they’re ready to enjoy their evening at home and have all of their homework is done,” Revelle says.

The program aims to reinforce what students have learned during the school day. There is a fee associated with the program but Revelle says she doesn’t want parents to be discouraged because of the cost.

“There is a cost, it’s an afterschool fee and the parents that work certainly find this beneficial because they’re open until 6 pm so they can stay as late as 6. Parents who don’t work who may just want the extra assistance for their children may sign them up as well,” Revelle says.

The program will begin when school ends at 2:30 and end at 6 pm. For enrollment information you can visit the Aiken County Schools website here:

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