AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – The Aiken County School District is using the summer as an opportunity to strengthen their school’s security system.

Aiken County superintendent King Laurence and the rest of his staff are making sure this upcoming school year, teachers and students are safer than ever by implementing new measures.

The school district received a grant to hire what will be known as a Security Director for extra security.

“They’ll be responsible for coordinating all of the safety measures, uh, in the school system, facilitating drills, facilitating training for our staff, monitoring– um– and being the liaison with all of our law enforcement.”

Following the most recent mass shooting at a school– in Uvalde, Texas– Laurence says as a school system, it is their top priority to ensure safety.

“Reminding teachers, reminding principals, reminding visitors that, um, doors have to remain locked; we can never block a door open. Classroom doors have to remain locked, those are the key things,” Laurence said.

The school district will hire and assign resource officers to schools throughout Aiken County in stages.

In addition to these steps, the school system has worked towards creating “call-out button” lanyards for teachers to wear.

“Now we do have those emergency buttons in our classrooms but those aren’t very effective on the playground. Or the hallway, or in cafeterias and other summon areas. So, it’s really gonna, I think, add to a sense of security that a person will have knowing that they have that on their person everywhere they go,” Laurence said.

Employees at the school district are working longer and harder to reassure the community that their safety is top priority.