Aiken County school leaders address District 3 rezoning rumors, parents offer suggestions at town hall


AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Only weeks after the last Aiken County Board of Education town hall the Area 3 representatives rallied their district for a public meeting at Midland Valley High School.

Last week school leaders met to discuss the findings of the comment cards that they provided each parent with at all the town hall meetings.

On Monday night some of the results were unveiled, but not before some upset parents demanded answers about District 3 rezoning rumors.

“From what I heard you want to split Midland Valley up,” said one parent.

“Are you planning on rezoning and taking some of our kids from this area?” Another parents asked school leaders.

“Is there something that we can look at other than hearing rumors of taking the valley kids away?” Asked another parent.

Empty seats at Midland Valley High are hard to come by because the home of the Mustangs is almost at 100 percent capacity.

Parent and current teacher Nadine Diggs says talk about rezoning has her worried about where her 11th grader will finish her studies.

“I think this a wonderful school and this is where I want her to graduate from next year.” Diggs told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Board of Education leader Wesley Hightower started the meeting by saying no decisions have been made about how to overcome the crowding in the valley.

However, that didn’t stop parents from asking why funding for schools expansions were allocated to schools that aren’t at capacity.

“North Augusta and Aiken High are both going at under capacity and they both have building expansions going on.” Chris McCord, a MVHS parent, said.

Hightower says rumors to split up the Mustangs are just that… rumors.

Backed by the superintendent, Hightower assured parents school leaders haven’t discussed rezoning at all and he made it known he’s against rezoning District 3.

“People that are not in favor of rezoning raise your hand,” Hightower said.

The meeting wasn’t short of suggestions, from parents, that doesn’t put anyone out.

“I would rather see them expand this school than rezone and send the kids that go here to other schools.” McCord said.

“And for additions to be added on to this school,” said Diggs.

The superintendent says right now there is no money in the budget for additions to Midland Valley High school.

So school leaders are going to have to get creative to pay for what the community is asking for.Count on WJBF NewsChannel 6 to bring you the latest on this developing story. 

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