AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – While millions will wear costumes on Halloween, there’s one Aiken County man who has made a career out of dressing up as somebody else.

After Michael Jackson’s death J Lucas made it his life’s mission to keep the ‘King of Pop’s’ legacy alive. He turned a tragedy into a career by becoming a Michael Jackson tribute artists.

“When I got back home and I saw it all over the news stations, I saw it everywhere that Michael Jackson passed. It just tore me to pieces.” Lucas told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

The death of J Lucas’s childhood hero, Michael Jackson, would be the turning point of Lucas’ life.

Lucas says it took him a few days to process the tragic news, but that’s when he decided to keep Michael’s legacy alive.

For many years, Lucas studied the iconic dance moves and vocals that made Michael Jackson the legend he continues to be today. Still he says he’s followed M.J. him since his Jackson 5 days.

“My mother saw me out in the living room and she saw me watching the video, watching the thriller video actually,” Lucas said. “She saw that I like to dance to it, so then she decided to go out the next day and buy me a red leather jacket like Michael.”

He says he did several small shows as a Michael Jackson impersonator in the C.S.R.A.

A friend who saw him suggested he take it up as a full-time job, so he decided to give it a shot.

“I was auditioning along with 1,100 Michael Jackson tribute artist from all over the world. It was down to me and 4 other guys and three months after my audition I got a call back,” said Lucas.

That’s when a star was born from the small town in South Carolina.

Lucas now travels the world performing hundreds of gigs a year as the ‘King of Pop.’

“To get dressed up and to transform yourself into somebody, like Michael, it’s an adrenaline rush and when that down beats comes and when that down beat hits. When the music starts… You just take off and you become that person.” Lucas said.

Lucas is currently in Las Vegas rehearsing for a tour that’s going to go to China.

You can follow him by giving his Facebook page a like, here.