AIKEN, Sc (WJBF) – During the Aiken City council meeting Monday, members discussed plutonium funds that may be added to next year’s budget.

Those funds would pay for several projects. The list includes property purchases,  waterline replacements, and more.

“The reimbursement of the bond for the downtown property purchases 9.6 million the Fairfield street bridge  the DOT is still planning to provide a million three hundred thousand dollar match” said Stuart Bedenbaugh, City Manager.

The settlement money is only part of the equation. 

“we already have 1.2 million from the plutonium money we also have funds from the county transportation committee” said Bedenbaugh.

Most of the projects are already in the process of being completed.

“ A lot of this work probably started in 2015 or 16 since we became that very concentrated work and it’s been on going ever since” said Bedenbaugh.

City Council will discuss the funds further at the next meeting before adding to the 2023 budget.