Aiken Chamber unveils new website to attract millennials to city; connecting millennials to community key to Aiken’s future


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – During the annual ‘State of our Community’ luncheon board members laid out a plan that will make millennials think twice about living anywhere else.

On Wednesday, the Aiken Chamber of Commerce unveiled its latest tool to attract millennials to the All America City and the best part is you can access it right from the palm of your hand.

To appeal to a younger demographic the Aiken Chamber is going digital. includes everything you need to know about Aiken, in a laptop, tablet and mobile friendly version.

“You can go and discover places to eat shop, play and stay things for your life, things for your home, businesses and industries in the community.” CEO and Creative Director of Crosspointe Studios Brian Wrasman said.

Before coming to the conclusion that a website was the best way to reach a younger audience, the chamber created a task force to look at why Aiken was failing to attract and retain echo boomers.

The main problem? Aiken is marketing itself as a retirement community.

“Younger families and future employees are seeking fun and connections, and a way to make a difference and an active lifestyle.” University of South Carolina Aiken Chancellor and Chamber Board Member Sandra Jordan said.

So the task force recommended that it’s time to transform the city’s image to reflect a more dynamic community.

The task force also revealed the harsh reality that without millennials, businesses won’t continue to grow and without industry the city will cripple. Since most of the current workforce is reaching the age of retirement and locally there are not enough young people to replace them.

Chamber board members say this just the start of the conversation and enacting simple changes, like utilizing social media, will make a huge difference for the future of their charming city.

“Our community must be thinking strategically and thinking together about how to attract these individuals to Aiken to sustain this lovely community,” said Jordan.

To read the complete list of recommendations made by the task force, click here.Count on WJBF NewsChannel 6 to bring you the latest on this developing story. 

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