Aiken Augusta Holistic Health offers integrative medicine approach

JENNIE Season 2, Episode 18

TELEVISION PARK--   This is a great time to take a personal inventory-- how is our health, our happiness, our overall satisfaction in our lives?

Dr. Robert Pendergrast, who is a full-time faculty member at the Medical College of Georgia, has a great interest in holistic medicine -complementing- traditional medicine. His integrative medicine practice, Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health, has been in the CSRA since 2007.

Dr. Robert Pendergrast leads a multidisciplinary team that can provide new perspectives on your health and medical concerns.

Jennie: "You would like to see this wellness concept in regular, conventional medical practices?"

Dr. Pendergrast: "I would. I think most people recognize that human beings are more than the sum of their laboratory tests and prescriptions, and that a mind/body/spirit approach that takes into account the whole person and has time to explore the impact of all of those things... is really what people need."

Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health offers a variety of services including a holistic health consultation, health and life coaching, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and a dietitian and nutritionist.

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