Aiken Animal Shelter warns Against Another Code Red


The Aiken County Animal Shelter and their Foster Program are currently at capacity, but things are looking up.

After calling a code red alert earlier this week the shelter has adopted out more than 40 dogs.

On average the shelter adopts out maybe one or two animals a day. On Wednesday 20 animals were adopted, and Thursday, 18 animals found new homes.

A spokesperson with the shelter says this trend must continue in order for the shelter to start accepting animals again.

“We understand the power of social media, because that really made a big difference,” Bob Gordon with the shelter said.

The Aiken County Animal Shelter was forced to call code red this week saying they would have to put down at least 7 dogs by July 20th.

This is the first time the shelter has resorted to such drastic measures, completely shutting down the intake of animals.

“We told people that we’re at capacity, and they’ve come out and said how do we help, and they have and so now we just have to keep it going,” Gordon explained.

Gordon says if this trend continues the shelter could start accepting animals again by the end of July.

“It’s a not a one time thing, it’s a consistent, we need people to keep coming here and getting that trend graphic,” Gordon explained.

Animal lovers, Sabrina Sacrin and her husband, say they can’t stand to see animals not being adopted. After seeing the news segment on the animals in Aiken, Sacrin said she had to come adopt.

“I called him at work and I was so upset and I said we have to go I’m not going to be able to sleep,” Sacrin said.

Gordon said last month they took in 625 animals. He says there is something very specific to blame too.

“People have to spay and neuter that’s the big thing if they spay and neuter then this doesn’t happen as badly,” Gordon said.

There are several different programs offered to help people pay to spay and neuter animals. The Aiken County Animal Shelter has vouchers here that we get the county pays for, also FOTAS which stands for ‘friends of the animal shelter’ are helping through fix a pet, and also the SPCA.

Until the end of July the shelter is adopting out free adult spayed and neutered cats.

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