Administrator gets commission input ahead of budget presentation


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The appearance of Augusta is a priority for city leaders, and City Administrator Odie Donald has an idea.

A new proposal for next year’s budget, consolidate all downtown maintenance under a single division.

“I think streamlined would work a lot better because right now what’s happening in this government one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing, and you got somebody’s else’s hand in the pot too,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

No dollar amount was presented for a new downtown maintenance division, but some commissioner saying if there’s going to be new funding for maintenance it shouldn’t end at the central business district.

“We definitely need to focus not just downtown I know downtown is the heart of Augusta, but we got a lot of arteries that we need to take care as well,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

Donald asking commissioners to support more than 700 thousand dollars in raises for the Engineering Department, saying it is needed to hold on to employees.

“A lot of people are leaving and getting better offers in other places we need to increase the salaries,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

Donald telling commissioners the Sheriff is requested an additional four million point four million dollars for next year.

Donald’s recommendation is three million.

I’m surprised the Sheriff did not come back wanting more to be quite honest and truthful with you we’re still taking a look at those figures,” said Commissioner Clarke.

“I pretty much follow the lead of the Administrator I do know he’s been working with the Sheriff we’ll come to some type of compromise with that,” said the Mayor Pro-Tem.  

Commissioners spending some time on next year’s budget before getting the final recommended spending plan on October 19th.

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