(ABC News)- A young girl feeding a sea lion on a dock in Steveston Harbour in Richmond, British Columbia was yanked into the water by the massive marine mammal, and the terrifying moments were caught on video that was posted to YouTube.

The girl was with her family on the dock, feeding the sea lion, when it came up and gave a little nip. The girl continued to feed the animal, but then it lunged up and grabbed the girl by her dress and pulled her into the water.

“Thank goodness the young lady wasn’t hurt, but let it be a warning to everybody: do not do this,” Bob Baziuk, a spokesoman for the Steveston Harbour Authority, told ABC News.

He said that based on the video, it appears the sea lion was about 1200 pounds.

A man jumped into the water immediately after the girl was pulled in and rescued her, and people on the dock helped pulled the two of them back out of the water.