A surge in burglaries on The Hill has residents on high alert


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Residents are on high alert after a home invasion and several burglaries in the Country Club Hills, Summerville and Forrest Hills neighborhoods over the past few weeks.

The Summerville neighborhood Facebook group is usually filled with notices of missing pets, but lately it’s been post after post about burglaries and break-ins.

“It just seems like something every night. Somebody’s got something bad to report,” said Forrest Hills resident Karen Jones.

Two weeks ago, a burglar slipped into an unlocked house a few doors down from Jones’ home on Pine Needle Road. He stole a TV, a purse, and car. He put 97 cents worth of gas in the Lexus before torching it near Gordon Highway. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the suspect.

“And then the next night, my next-door neighbor’s house was broken into,” Jones said. “They threw a brick into the glass door.”

Robberies have happened in these neighborhoods before, but in the past three weeks or so, residents say they’ve surged.

Car break-ins in Forrest Hills have been an issue in the past, but now burglars are breaking into homes in the wee hours of the night while people are sleeping.

This happened on Lombardy Court and Kamel Place, where three intruders kicked down a heavily secured back door while the family was sleeping and stole a wallet, a watch and thousands of dollars worth of electronics. The worst incident came on Morningside Drive in Country Club Hills last weekend when an intruder slipped in an unlocked door and and clubbed a man with a flashlight. The victim has been in the hospital for days.

“It’s one thing for them to watch you and then when you leave, they come in and rob you, but when you’re in your house and they’re coming in–that’s pretty brazen,” Jones said.

In the meantime, residents are on high alert, locking their doors and looking to protect themselves.

“I am nervous though that somebody’s going to shoot somebody,” Jones said.

So far, the incidents appear to be unrelated and random.

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