WILKES COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, and Cleanspark, a bitcoin mining company is adding a new facility in Washington.

The site will be used to monitor Bitcoin transactions, making sure they run smoothly. 

“We utilize multiple buildings with air cool machines that work 24/7 So someone has to be hit some mind or man the machines and make sure the maintenance is done correctly and everything works properly,” said Del Branch, mining operations manager.

With the facility needing people to help manage the high tech machines, it’s a chance for more job opportunities. They’ve hired more than 20 people in the last week.

It takes a lot of energy to run all this equipment. 

“Cleanspark uses predominantly low carbon energy which is really key to making this network run because the social utility of bitcoin like what it does, this is a new kind of money and t can change people life,” said Isaac Holyoak, Chief Communications Officer, Cleanspark.

 From here, the plan is to grow the facility in Washington.

A small town, now part of something big, as the worldwide interest in digital currency continues to grow. 

 “We will double in size by next year and with all of the power that we take as the mayor said meeting with the mayor by us taking this power is going to help the community by lowering prices altogether,” said Scott Garrison, Vice President of business development.