A local grocery store turns into sub-station to send donations to Texas


Johnston, South Carolina (WJBF) –  Coverage continues with a local grocery store along side a non-profit is stepping up to take donations for the flood victims in Texas.

The initiative to donate items in Johnston started last Friday, and with it being Labor Day they wanted to make sure that more people came out to help.

Flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey’s wrath has opened the hearts of those all around the CSRA, included Johnston, South Carolina.

“It starts with everything that’s going on in Houston and when you think of Houston you think about everybody else around it. Since we’re a small town I was thinking how can we help?,” said Terrence Culbreath, Mayor of Johnston, South Carolina.

And with the help of a local non-profit, Megiddo, providing free transportation, and the store manager at IGA. The grocery store is now a sub-station for those that want to donate and drop off items.

“Instead of them just having to bring it to town hall, they’re already in the grocery store and you know hopefully Carl and his folks can get them before they make it to us and we get tons and tons of donations because people need help,” said Terrence Culbreath, Mayor of Johnston, South Carolina.

Even the store manager of IGA, Carl Brown, says he has family in the area that got alot of flooding from the hurricane.

“I’ve actually got family that’s on the Gulf coast, lower parts of Alabama. I’ve been there I know what these people have gone through. I’ve been through hurricanes, I’ve had the Gulf of Mexico on my front yard so this does touch near and dear to my heart and I’m just glad that this small part that we’re doing can help,” said Carl Brown, IGA Manager.

Mayor Culbreath saying even a little can go a long way when it comes to the items you want to donate.

“Think about it like this, we’re a small town and we’re stepping up to have a big impact and so that tell people right there it doesn’t matter if you got 100 dollars , 1 dollar, or 10 dollars, everything goes, it goes far, because people need help,” said Terrence Culbreath, Mayor of Johnston, South Carolina.

The Mayor says he hopes that can take their first shipment of by this Friday, is you still have time if you want bring in donations or stop by city hall to drop them off as well.

A big thank you to:

Kay Benitez with Megiddo for providing transportation to take the items to Texas.

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